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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Hai Xian Tang

Another new stall spotted in Ayer Rajah Food Centre name, Hai Xian Tang. When translated from the chinese characters, it means Seafood soup. Manned by 2 uncle, 1 taking order while the other does the cooking. There are not much fanciful dishes unlike what most seafood soup stall has, Hai Xian Tang only offers 3 kinds of dishes, namely fried fish bee hoon soup, seafood soup with rice and braised pork trotters.

Stall front of Hai Xian Tang
With a standard menu, there are no other permutations for the fried fish noodle but just fried fish with rice vermicelli (Bee Hoon), patrons do not have the choice of thick Bee Hoon nor sliced fish to choose from. The Bee Hoon is bland as it may seen with just lettuce under the Bee hoon and tomatoes.

Fried Fish Soup - $3
Amount of fried fish given is far more generous, however it was a little salty even though I quite like its peppery saltish taste on its batter.

Fried Fish
It is less often I get to see such "unclear" soup from the seafood soup stall. Having observed the cooking process, the cook had the meat items (fish and minced pork) stirred fried within the pot initially before adding in the already cooked soup. This gave additional flavours to the meat and together with the prawns, they lends a seafood kind of sweetness in the soup.

Seafood soup with rice - $4
 Look at the items, 2 prawns were included. The down side is that they were still in its shells.

What's in the Seafood Soup
Comparing both dishes, I would prefer seafood soup as it has a distinctive taste from its murky soup and quite special as compared to other seafood soup.

Having seen the 3rd item on the menu, braised pork trotters, it just tempts me further when i saw bowls of luscious and "yuummy-licious" fat braised trotters went pass my eyes. Alright, I will try that soon!

Rating: 3 / 5

Hai Xian Tang 海鲜汤
Location:  Ayer Rajah Food Centre, 503 West Coast Drive Singapore 120503

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