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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Hwa Jin Vegetarian Family Restaurant 華津素食

Hwa Jin Vegetarian is a family restaurant located in Bukit Gombak within walking distance from the nearest MRT station. Be prepared to be spoilt for choices in Hwa Jin as they do not operate like a conventional vegetarian restaurant.

Aside from the Economical Rice and Bee Hoon they are selling, diners are free to choose from the various kinds of vegetarian dishes in their Cze Char Style with their ala carte menu.

Hwa Jin Vegetarian Family Restaurant
Restaurant is spacious clean and modern looking with speakers and fans mounted. Traditional Chinese decorations and arts were seen hanging at the walls.

Being a non vegetarian eater, I always find it a joy to explore into such vegetarian cuisine especially when they can offer meat dishes out of our expectation. It usually filled me with surprises how those mock meat can be tasted like real ones.

To start off with our meal, we had their Toufu Seaweed soup. Simple and light in taste but flavourful I would say, consisting of dumplings, mocked pork belly meat, toufu, vegetables and wolfberries were added to achieve a sweeter taste in the soup.

Toufu Seaweed Soup - $5
Best choice for the meal for its sweet and sour mocked chicken bites which brought much crunch to the meal. Slices of lemon were included and I love the crispy fried "chicken".

Lemon Chicken - $8
One of the best vegan Mee Goreng I ever had. It came with hints of curry smell, added with mocked lean meat, fishballs, eggs, vegetables. The dish was make perfect with some tomato sauce and sliced cucumbers tucked at the side of the plate.
Mee Goreng - $4
Hor Fun was pretty average, not much expecatation from such dish. It was quite plain with mushrooms, vegetables and mocked meat. Tasted as good to its namesake, vegetarian Hor Fun!

Hor Fun - $4
With its widespread of dishes available from its menu, its hard for me not to go back again. With its popularity and history among the vegetarians, it's hard for them not to know the existence of Hwa Jin in Bukit Gombak.

Rating: 3.5 / 5

Hwa Jin Vegetarian Family Restaurant 華津素食
Location: Blk 359 Bukit Batok Street 31 #01-393 Singapore 650359

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