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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Hainanese Chicken Rice & Curry Chicken Noodles 大坡

Walk deeper into Golden Mile Food Centre and reveal the hidden Gems that hidden at the corner.  With the number of glamorous moments with the stars and articles plastered all over the stall, it is unlikely that we will miss such exaggerations. To add on, their stall was featured in one of the local Television programs "Just Noodles (面对面)" where the best curry noodle was best advocated for.

大坡 Hainanese Chicken Rice & Curry Chicken Noodles

Bowl of curry noodle was flavourful and refreshing. Yellow noodles was softened and does not have the "ki" smell in it. The ingredient that stood out was its meaty pieces of white chicken which was cooked to perfection, succulent and tender, more than words can described. Fried pork skin was included as well, soft and chewy.  Potato was cooked to soften and literally disintegrate at the slightest pressure. Overall, the bowl of Hainanese Curry Chicken Noodle was very tantalizing to the palettes.

Hainanese Curry Chicken Noodle - $5

In conclusion, its undeniably the best curry chicken noodles i had had so far in Singapore and portion comes generous with big chunks of chicken. Most importantly of all, it's delicious!

Rating: 4 / 5

Hainanese Chicken Rice & Curry Chicken Noodles 大坡
Location: Golden Mile Food Centre, 505 Beach Road #B1-53 Singapore 199583

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