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Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Bluemist is a cafe and bistro interestingly located under Residential Housing. It is an ideal post-work place for chill out especially when they were located in the vinicity where alot of offices are situated.

BLUEMIST Cafe Bistro
The servers were attentive and our presence was quickly identified as we were walking towards the cafe.As most of the tables were reserved for drinking with high stools and tables, we were offered some internal seating and enjoyed the air-conditioned environment.

I'm still quite amazed by how shops under the residential housing turned into a bistro and as I look onto the rack of alcoholic beverages under the bright right, it really tuned me into a right atmosphere, no longer the dull surroundings I had usually below a housing estate.

Interior Dining
Other than enjoying the air-condition, they have sports channel on display for the diners. Environment had tuned one into a layback mood with such relaxing environment.

Leading to Toilet

Having chosen the white Erdinger over the black for the light yet soothing taste of the cooling beer. It's definitely a good choice to chill out after a hard day of work. If not for the promotional US Prime Rum Steak Set, I would have this skipped.


Crispily toasted garlic bread is an ideal way to keep us munching and fill our stomach with at least something while waiting for the mains. With the buttery and herb fragrance, it was very good alone.

Garlic Bread
While we had minestrone soup as the soup of the day. Light and tasty, perhaps the only peeved I had was that it was a little on a peppery side. Other than that, it was absolutely alright.

Soup of the day - Minestrone

The portion of the Mauritius fish did fit my appetite. Though I might find that the external layer of the Pan Seared Fish was dark drown and dry, the meat that was still pack full of moisture and sweet. This meal is never completed without smashed potatoes and vegetables.

Pan Seared Mauritius Fish - $21.90

I love how the rum steak was done. It had the char grilled marks on the meat, still retaining the juiciness and tenderness. Accompanied by the barbequed sauce and vinegarette salad, the meal is good to go.

US Prime Rum Steak - $38 (Set Meal with Erdinger)
Overall, I find that the service is good and environment is very ideal for people working around Tanjong Pagar Area. Most likely I would list this place into my suggestion of places to chill after work.

Rating: 3 / 5

Location: 7 Tanjong Pagar Plaza, Singapore 081007

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