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Monday, April 14, 2014

Pondok Makan Indonesia

The plates and plates of Gado Gado as well as Tahu Goreng caught my eyes as the helper of Pondok Makan Indonesia served these Indonesian dishes to their customers.

Pondok Makan Indonesia
Gado Gado, the Indonesia style of salad is make up of boiled vegetables, eggs, beansprouts, potatoes and mixed in the aromatic peanuts gravy. It comes with 2 sizes and the bigger portion would cost $4.

Peanut gravy had adequately filled the smaller portion of Gado Gado topped with some pieces of prawn crackers. The crackers had a very strong stench from the prawns which may not be acceptable by some of us.

Gado Gado - $3 (Small)
For its taste, I felt that overall it did give me a flashback of what I had in Batam sometimes back. I'm glad that it did not taste too much of our localized Gado Gado which usually had a stronger and sweeter taste.

Rating: 3.5 / 5

Pondok Makan Indonesia
Location: Albert Centre Market & Food Centre, 270 Queen Street, #01-123 s180270

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