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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Hong Ji Herbs Bak Kue Teh

I first came to know of Hong Ji BKT from Cactus Road and never knew that having BKT can be so heavenly especially when I have a prefer for herby soup over those clear peppery ones. There then, I have benched mark them as the best black version of BKT in Singapore. And not soon after, I learned that the stall was closed and they have a similar name located in Marsiling.

I remembered vividly that I had been here once or twice but didnt left any good impression as I felt that the broth was very different from what I had experienced earlier.

Hong Ji Bak Kue Teh
As starters, we order Cai Buay (Preserved Vegetables) to welcome the incoming claypot meals. It was crunchy and striked a good balance between salty & sweetness.

Cai Buay
The side that I can never go without during my BKT session. Freshness of the You Teow was below par and it tasted like as if it was being placed for a long period of time. Perhaps they will be better to served toasted in such situation like that.

You Tiao
 The claypot liver is one of the best out of all orders.
Braised Pork Liver
Cooked to perfect softness with dark soy sauce infused to every slice. What's more, the ginger slices permeats the sauce and reducing the natural smell of those livers, also elevated the whole claypot dish into another tasty level. On a side note, to enjoy the tenderness in the livers, it is best not to let it "cook" in the claypot for long during serving.

Pork Livers
The plain claypot was brightened up by the lovely fresh greens which topped the dish. No doubt the cloudy soup is filled with herb taste, its standard was a far cry from what I had expected due to that it is diluted. The meat balls, innards were the standards and nothing steal the show. Even with a dab of the meat with chilli padi in black sauce would gave additional kick to the meal. The soup was addictive and one wont stop just after a few spoonfuls but... once the MSG effect kicked in... I was very thirsty.

Bak Kue Teh in Claypot
Though soup is known to be refillable, the service was kind of unresponsive. We had make our request to refill the soups but it was not done initially. And when we approached them again, we were told to self service from the stall with a metal cup.

Hong Ji may be one of the better black version BKT in Singapore but I still find them lacking in terms of service and quality of soup. Since this is a malaysian style BKT, I would say that if you have tried one of those famous ones, this is definitely no fight.

Rating: 3 / 5

Hong Ji Herbs Bak Kue Teh
Location: Blk 19 Marsiling Lane #01-329 Singapore 730019
Operating Hours: 7.30am - 9.30pm

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