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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Ah Guan Mee Pok

Look's what the crowd over in New Generation Restaurant? Ah Guan Mee Pok where a bowl of Mee Pok Cost as much as $10? Wow! Well that's the deluxe version of Mee Pok with crayfish.

Ah Guan Mee Pok
I didnt give the $10 Crayfish Mee Pok a try as I was skeptical. Instead, I had opted for its special Mee Pok which cost $3 per bowl.

I found that the Mee Pok used was different, not the usual thickness and looked a little translucent under the light.

The Mee Pok was splendidly cooked, tasty and aromatic. Special stock with minced meat was loaded into my bowl together with few teaspoons of vinegar added. Chewy meat balls and fresh prawns were added as well.The murky bowl of soup that comes along was exuded with seafood flavours.

Special Mee Pok - $3

The abalone liked slice added gave the dish another delectable dimension with its sweet savoury shellfish taste.
delectable dimension, with its sweet and deep flavour of shellfish. - See more at:

Abalone Liked Slices and Ingredients

Now that I had tasted and agreeable with their standards, I would most probably give the deluxe version on the next try.

Rating: 4 / 5

Ah Guan Mee Pok - New Generation Restaurant
Location: Blk 501 West Coast Drive #01-244 Singapore 120501

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