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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Waraku Japanese Causual Dining

If not for the mocked big black bowls of ramen in the display cabinets along the 3rd level passage way, we would not have known its existence as it is hidden in one passage of The Central. Under the family of Waraku there are two kinds of dining available, pasta de waraku, selling fusion Western Japanese pasta and Waraku Japanese Casual Dining, focusing more on the common Japanese cuisines.

Waraku Japanese Casual Dining

Simply love the windows view by the side of Singapore River, however most of the seats have taken up. For walk in customers, there were no piority seats given. Thus, remember to do your homework before visiting if you want such a view.

View By the Windows
 It's causal and relaxing environment were all what we were looking for after a hard week of work.

The drinks came just right in time clearing our thirst and creating a good passage way in the system before "pouring" the heavy dinner down.

The sweet Japanese Egg Roll was our sweet start of the night. Love its sweetness and the soft layers rolled up. For a refreshing treat, tag some white radish along.

Dashimaki - $4.80

The bowls were as big as what was in the displayed cabinets, perhaps as big as it could fill up one's face. It was filled with Ramen Noodles, roasted pork, seasoned bamboo shoots, vegetables with soya base ramen soup.

Shoyu Ramen - $13.80

With a good few pieces of tender roasted pork to go along with the hot bowl of soup. Nice!

Sliced Roasted Pork
I like the presentation of the sukiyaki wazen especially when it was so appetizing. Love the thin sliced beef & tofu suki hot pot that comes with egg, mini udon, chawanushi, potato salad, white rice and pickles.

Sukiyaki Wazen - $30.80
Dip these thin slices of pork into the hot pot to cook the meet, thereafter dip them into the egg to enjoy the taste.

Sliced Beef
 Yakitori lovers, this is your take. Enjoy assorted sticks all in a plate.
Yakitori Mori - $12.80
Consist of Uzura Bacon, Grilled quail eggs wrapped with bacon, the Aromatic Asparagus Bacon whereby grilled asparagus is wrapped with bacon too. All was good except the fried chicken wing which had too much of salt rubbed on. Weight conscious diners might want to give the pork belly stick a miss.

All in all, the ambiance was great just that service was a bite lacking. Regarding the dining space for table of 2, it was rather squeezy as well especially when we ordered quite a number of dishes. Having dined in both outlets (the one in East Coast), I would say both places have their hits and misses.

Waraku Japanese Casual Dining
Location: The Central, 6 Eu Tong Seng St #03-89/97/98 (Soho1), Singapore 059817
Operation Hours: 11.30am - 11pm (Last Order 10.30pm)

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