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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Coffee Bean All Day Breakfast

Looks like coffee bean had recently changed their business models! They were seen serving pasta and all day breakfast in their outlet. Perhaps its the recent Coffee Trends that triggered the soars in Coffee Business. Everyone is introducing new 'injections' to the cups of beverages. While cafes are sprouting out everywhere thesedays, the coffee scenes are much more interesting with Latte Arts, not just the old boring brew and foam which was used to be. What's more these explosion of Chic Modern Ambiance designed cafes perhaps were seen a threat or rather a challenge to our Pioneers chain of Tea and Coffee cafe.

Back of The Coffee Bean Receipt

A dollar top up for the meal to upgrade the hot cup of beverage "Kopi O" to Kopi O Peng (Ice). We were given a number tag and had waited for our dinner patiently for about 20 minutes.

The cream that Coffee Bean used was lighter in taste with shredded cheese, pieces of ham cooked with Fettuccine.It had nothing in spectacular. It was also quite an unusual sight to have a toast served together with pasta.

Cabonara Fettuccine Set - $12.60
Cream was light and was rather bland in taste.

Close up of the pasta
Ultimate Breakfast was stomach filling, it was rather meaty with bacon, beef patties and sausages accompanied by warldof salad, scrambled egg and toast.

Ultimate Breakfast - $11.90
There are a number of choices of eateries for customer to choose from if they are going for pasta and similar items. Coffeebean maybe one of the choices, but places like Ambush and Bakerzin's service is  definitely preferred.

Rating: 3 / 5

The Coffee Bean and Tea
 Location: Jurong Point, 1 Jurong West Central 2 #01-16E, Singapore 648886
Business Hours: Fri to Sun: 0800 - 2300
                             Sat & PH: 0800 - 0000 

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