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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Wings Bar

Attracted to its bar's theme, welcome by an airbase looking place with airport runway, and aeroplane hanging at its entrance and that's Wings Bar. Not only that, Wings Bar's servers were all well dressed in Airbase Uniform, looking smart and be ready to serve.

My first visit to Wings Bar had make my eyes rolling here and there, looking everywhere at its decoration. It's definitely interesting for someone like me as I hardly come across the site and operations of Airbase.

Just beside our table, there was this Air Raid Shelter which also warned us not to smoke in the Bomb Bay. In fact there was 2 arcade machine underneath to keep the customers entertained.

Air Raid Shelter for 150 Persons
Wings Bar, was famous for its Wings but on the menu, it mentioned Best Ribs In Town. In fact from 25th July this year, Wings' Chef had created Clarke Quay Best Ribs! So come and sink your teeth into the meat.

Best Ribs/Wings in Town?

Each of us was given a side plate together with wet and dry serviettes.

Storage or Underground Bomb Shelter?

Sandbags were placed by the sides of windows as well as underneath the table where we were seating. Let's get ambush!

These words were rather encouraging "Work Hard Drink More".

Motivational Quotes. Lol

I'm facing this view throughout the night. The colorful sight was captivating with a big television screen hanging, showing motions of the music video muted but with another music playing in the background. The entire place was relaxing and comfortable for a chill out especially after a hard day of work.

Bar Counters
If you like beer, this Erdinger Drunkel is rich and smooth wheat beer specialty from Erdinger Weissbräu, Germany.

Erdinger Dunkel - $16.00
Those who want to skip beer may go for their Cider, recommended by their servers, the Toffle Apple is one of the recommended choice from many customers. The taste immediately turns me off during the first few sips as it tasted of cough syrup. However, after getting used, I find that the drink was not bad.

Brothers Toffee Apple - $15.00
Pear Strawberry might be a wiser choice as it was more refreshing and had a sweeter scent.

Brothers Pear Strawberry - $15.00

Corona was smooth, refreshing taste and a well-rounded character with a pleasant malt aroma. Served with a lime or lemon wedge to enhanced the citrus aromas and flavours.

Corona - $12.00

These fried cheesy goodness was served with WINGS tomato salsa or honey BBQ Bourbon Sauce.

Mozzarella Sticks - $8.90
There were level of spiciness for the wings from 0 - 5 where 0 is the non spicy while 5 is the spiciest version. For those who opted level 4 and 5, a waiver is required. Customers were required to sign off on the waiver to indicate that incase of anything happened under consumption, they shall bear the own responsibilities.

Both flavours of wings ordered were equally tender. Honey BBQ (Level 0) was one of WINGS's signature which tossed the wings in honey BBQ and Bourbon sauce. One of the all time favourite.

Another version ordered was its Thai Afterburner (Level 2), OooooH Yeaaaaahhhh! Wings were all coated with sweet chilli, garlic, basil and lemon grass, totally reminds me of Tom Yam taste. For those who cant take spice, it is recommended to go for Level 1 and 2.

6 Thai Wings and a Wings Meal - $8.90 & $15.00
Refreshing crunch that was paired with the Wings Meal. Dipped them into the cream sauce and it gave a good bites with its juicy nature.

Sides that comes witht he Wings Meal

Looks hot with the sliced chilli garnishing! Cheese slices were big and portions were generous? Can you see the pasta? They were all covered up by the chunks of chicken.

Baked Chicken Pasta - $22.90
Wings bar's theme is rather unique as a bar and it definitely attract people like me who seldom goes to bar, knowing it might be such an eye opener. Knowing that within steps away, there was another bar with a hospital theme. Wings Bar does really stands out on its own too! 

Rating: 3 / 5

Wings Bar
Location: 3D River Valley Rd Singapore 179023

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