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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Classic Cakes, Anyone?

Classic Cakes was founded in 2005 by Charles Quek who has turned his passion of baking into his career. Located at one of the shops near the famous Daily Scoop Ice Cream Shop in Clementi Arcade of Sunset Way, its hard to give a miss to this shop especially when there are many articles on its glass windows about the Baker, Charles.

Classic Cakes Shop Front

Mille Crepe is becoming more popular in Singapore nowadays.

I quite fond of this French Pastry and I could not take my eyes away from the chiller once I spotted its existence!  Mille refers to thousand in French and such pastry make up of 20 thin pancake layers with fresh pastry cream consistently spread in between the layers.

Cake was served chilled with a burnt caramelized Sugar taste on its top layer. What's more its hard to find a place that sells such pastry and I had my luck to even tried on their Durian Mille Crepe which was not commonly available in the shop. Likes!

Cost: $8.50
Durian Mille Crepes
Like the former, the layers on the Tiramisu was well defined. Tasted moist with sponginess as you bite down those mascarpone ‘cream' with coffee favours. However, this might be a disappointment to rum lovers as its favour wasn't that strong but still it totally floats my boat!
Cost: $5.30

Attended by the boss, Charles, during my visit, I find that this guy was rather polite. There were only 2 tables for dine-ins and slices of cakes were served on disposables plates and forks which make it easier to clear up just by throwing the used materials into the bins provided at the corners of the shop.

Overall, its abit pricey but I would say its definitely worth the money! I will be definitely making a return to try other favours. Still amazed by the appearance of traditional Chinese radish cake in their shop. Alright, I will try this the next round!

Classic Cakes
Location: 41 Sunset Way #01-06 Clementi Arcade Singapore 597071

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