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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Authentic Hokkien Food


Walk along the Amoy street, this is the place where you will find hidden gems among the modern club house. There were a few authentic dialect groups cuisine at the area and Beng Hiang Restaurant serves quite a decent Hokkien style fare. Her facade was plain ordinary looking but filled with traditional old looking shophouse style as compared to its neighbours.

As we swayed into the restaurant, the strong woody smell gave us a good nostalgic feel somewhat back in the 80s. On top of that, the old school decors like red walls, carpets, Chinese paintings and lazy Suzy were a great reminiscent to those younger days.

Ha! The stage too, had somehow wind me back to the days when I was a kid attending my aunts & uncle's weddings. Those were good lovely memories.

Although it was a weekday night, when meal time comes, it gets packed. The atmosphere was noisy but enjoyable. It also served as a good place for after work dinner considering its ambiance and can hold big groups on their round tables.

Orders were written on the carboned copy Order Chit and was cancelled off one by one when the dishes were served.

Order Chit

All portions were small as we are dining in a group of 4 ladies. The Fish Maw Soup was the first dish of the night and was surprisingly good. A known good alternative to the Shark Fin Soup! As the menu suggest, the soup was thick with crab meat. This dish was indeed lip-smacking good with or without the additional vinegar.

Fish Maw Thick Soup with Crab Meat - $18 (Small)

Generous ingredients was loaded and every mouthful was incredibly flavourful. Also, Crab meat was fresh and thick. If only there were extra servings and I could pop more than just 1 bowl!

Opted the Prawn instead of the usual Oyster Oyster Omelette, it was my first try and a wonderful choice. The omelette was deep fried to golden brown and was very crispy under-which with a distinct yellow layer from the egg, a total different experience like those we had from the Hawkers.

Prawn Omlette 香脆虾煎(Small) - $12
The sweet and spicy chilli compliments them well!

Yummlicious prawns under the shelter of the crisp!

When love and hates collide - Love the luscious slabs of braised pork meat that was cooked to a tender perfection but worry about the cholesterol intake? The umami rich braised pork was irresistible despite its sinful fat and cholesterol. Just heck it! Eat first then say! :)

"Kong Ba" - 扣肉
Kong Ba, traditionally, was best served when sandwiched by the white looking purses. Steamed and served with sweet tasting nature as one of its characteristics.

Steamed Bread

The Steamed Bread with Braised Brisket ("Kong Ba Bao")  - 扣肉花包 $16 was to die for! Yums!
Combination of Steam Bread with Braised Brisket 扣肉花包
The authentic kind of Hokkien Mee with its dark and sweet savoury gravy over the flat yellow noodles. This is the MUST-TRY dish for True Blue Hokkiens.

Traditional Hokkien Mee (small) - $7
Every strand of noodles was lavished with its sauce and it crispy pork lards was the bonus that brought the dish to another level of aroma! Seafood is reasonably fresh and filling. Almost all tables had this dish on their table by default. So what are you waiting for?

Smaller Portion of Hokkien Mee

Last but not least, we were served with little bowls of green bean soup, complimentary desserts from Meng Hiang. These bowls of dessert once consumed has beneficial elements in cooling down the body system. It was cooked together with little translucent sago and  right amount of sweetness.

Green Bean Soup
To sum up, Beng Hiang is definitely a Gem to the Hokkiens, holding up the traditional values. The restaurant is big enough conduct events like traditional Chinese wedding. Service was quite okay with the helpers promptly topping up our pot of tea even though they knew we were not be ordering anymore food. What's more, no service charge was required!

Rating: 4 / 5

Bee Hiang Pte Ltd
Location: 112 Amoy St, Club Street, Singapore 069932

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