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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Penang Kitchen

Penang Kitchen, a cafe and market is located among the neighbourhood in Bukit Timah serving food-loving Singaporeans with a authentic taste of Penang fare.

Penang Kitchen
Penang Kitchen is just another place for your penang cuisine fix in a humble environment and with a wide selection of Penang's local cuisine.

Penang Kitchen's Menu

The dining environment is simple, with about 10 tables. Decorated and filled with Christmas mood, Penang Kitchen also have a rack full of penang goodies where people can grab some Penang goodies like Nutmeg syrup.

Penang Kitchen's Dining

The staple and arguably most famous Hawker food in Penang, the Penang laksa. Yeah, the sweet and sour savoury bowl of fish broth that is addictive. The Assam broth was infused with ginger flavour but to me it lacked the "Heh Gor" (prawn paste) and the impact of soury taste was not as strong. Nevertheless, it still pack the pungent, burst full of flavours taste with its basic ingredients.

Penang Asam Laksa 槟城亚参叻沙 - $8.30

A choice of Mee, Bee Hoon or combination.The spiciness in the prawn broth is one of Penang's Prawn mee characteristics and added with slice of pork,ribs, prawns, kanggong, Beansprouts and egg. The soup base was pretty robust and definitely packed a good punch to any average bowl of Singapore Prawn Mee Soup.

Prawn Set - $9.90 (Penang Prawn Noodle Soup 槟城虾面)

Kapitan set was served in claypot and comes with a bowl of rice. The portion of plain rice was rather small for a guy. Anyway, the curry pot was filled with chicken and chunks of softened potatoes meat.
Unlike the usual curry, their's was a combination of spicy and sour taste.

Kapitan Set - $9.90 (Curry Kapitan 咖喱甲必丹)
Torn between the appetizers? Choose Penang Sampler. It's value for money and enjoy the best of both world - Combination of Lor Bak and Belacan wings.

Penang Sampler 槟城拼盘 - $13
The homemade Penang Loh Bak consist of tender juicy pork wrapped up in beancurd sheet which tasted close to Ngor Hiong. The stark difference was that its fillings were more chunky instead of minced and it went along well with the compliments of sweet brown sauce. While the Belacan Chicken Wing seemed overdone and had its color darker than the usual. They were marinated with Chef's recipe but in terms of Belacan spiciness, it was not intense as we had expected.

Belachan Chicken Wing 马来栈香味鸡翼 + Homemade Penang Loh Bak 自制槟城卤肉
Washing down the dinner, I Sea-Coconut Herbal Tea which was very cooling and refreshing. Barley drinks were part of the set meal and were great as well to clear the spice. They were quite sweet and the slices of sea-coconut were quite difficult to reach given that it was buried under the heap of ice in the cup.

Sea Coconut Herbal Tea 海底椰凉茶 - $3.80 and Fresh Homemade Barley 新鲜自制薏米 that comes with the set
Last but not least, the Ice Kachang was a reminiscent of good old Penang. It did not have too many fanciful colors of syrup but it was good enough. It's brown sugar syrup tasted like the soft drink "sarsi" and topped with creamy corn kernels. Yum Yum!

Penang Ice Kachang 槟城杂冰 - $4.20

Rating: 3 / 5

Penang Kitchen
Location: Coronation Arcade, 5 Coronation Road #01-05, Singapore 269406,

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